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Returns information on potential hyper-parameters that can be optimized.


tunable(x, ...)



An object, such as a recipe, recipe step, workflow, or model specification.


Other arguments passed to methods


A tibble with a column for the parameter name, information on the default method for generating a corresponding parameter object, the source of the parameter (e.g. "recipe", etc.), and the component within the source. For the component column, a little more specificity is given about the location of the parameter (e.g. "step_normalize" for recipes or "boost_tree" for models). The component_id column contains the unique step id field or, for models, a logical for whether the model specification argument was a main parameter or one associated with the engine.


For a model specification, an engine must be chosen.

If the object has no tunable parameters, a tibble with no rows is returned.

The information about the default parameter object takes the form of a named list with an element for the function call and an optional element for the source of the function (e.g. the dials package). For model specifications, If the parameter is unknown to the underlying tunable method, a NULL is returned.


No methods found in currently loaded packages.